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Australia, 28 Feb 2014, INES: 3

Overexposure of radiation workers

After an engineer and two operators had completed the logging operation and prepared the rig floor for lifting the logging source, logging tools were brought back to surface. The two radioactive logging sources, Cs-137 and Am241-Be, were unloaded from the logging tools by the engineer. Unknown...
Reported by Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency of Australia on 01 Apr 2015 Last update on 01 Apr 2015

United States of America, 17 Mar 2015, INES: 2

Overexposure to Radiographer

The Lead Radiographer and three assistant radiographers were completing two exposures lasting 35 seconds each. The set-up time for the exposures was approximately 15 to 18 minutes. After completing two exposures, one individual noticed that his pocket dosimeter read off scale, a second individual...
Reported by Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of United States of America on 23 Mar 2015 Last update on 23 Mar 2015

Poland, 06 Mar 2015, INES: 1

Stolen radioactive sources

On the 6th of March 2015 total of 22 containers with Co-60 category 4 and 5 (activity between 40 MBq and 500 MBq on 2015-03-06) radioactive sources were stolen from a storehouse in Poznan. Aggregated activity of the stolen sources equals about 7 GBq. An investigation to determine the course of...
Reported by National Atomic Energy Agency of Poland on 19 Mar 2015 Last update on 19 Mar 2015

France, 02 Aug 2013, INES: 2

Uncontrolled release of radioactive effluents into the public sewerage system

On 2nd August 2013, ASN was informed by the Haut-Lévêque hospital in Pessac that an abnormal level of radioactivity had been discovered in a wastewater drain pipe. Investigations showed that radioactive effluents from the vectorised internal radiotherapy rooms were being discharged directly into...
Reported by Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN) of France on 16 Feb 2015 Last update on 16 Feb 2015

France, 14 Oct 2014, INES: 2

A practitioner’s regulatory annual exposure dose limit was exceeded

On 14th October 2014, ASN was informed by Bordeaux CHU that the regulatory annual whole-body dose limit of 20 mSv was exceeded by an orthopaedic surgeon while using an interventional radiology device (image intensifier) in the operating theatre. The event came to light when the practitioner’s...
Reported by Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN) of France on 12 Feb 2015 Last update on 12 Feb 2015

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