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United States of America, 09 Apr 2014, INES: 2

Overexposure to Radiographer

A lead radiographer approached the end of the guide tube having assumed that the source had already been retracted into the shielded camera. After approximately 90 seconds the assistant radiographer entered the area. The assistant radiographer’s alarming rate meter and survey meter indicated the...
Reported by Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of United States of America on 24 Apr 2014. Last update on 24 Apr 2014

United States of America, 13 Mar 2014, INES: 2

Overexposure to Radiographer

Two radiography trainees were performing industrial radiography inside a tank. The first trainee handled the guide tube of a radiography camera while the Ir-192 source was in the guide tube. The Ir-192 source contained 2553 GBq (69 curies).The first trainee was not wearing his personnel monitoring...
Reported by Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of United States of America on 19 Mar 2014. Last update on 18 Aug 2014

Peru, 20 May 2013, INES: 2

Overexposure of radiographers

During radiographic operations performed by two radiographers the guide tube was squashed so the Ir-192 source could not be retracted to the gamma projector. Operations were being performed at 6 m height. The operator tried to correct this situation using a plier to strainghten out the guide tube...
Reported by Instituto Peruano de Energia Nuclear of Peru on 05 Mar 2014. Last update on 05 Mar 2014

Peru, 14 Feb 2014, INES: 3

Exposure to workers

On the morning of 14 February 2014, a radiography company was performing non-destructive testing by industrial radiography with a 1,22 GBq Ir-192 source to several pipe joints in a chemical plant. The operations were performed by three operators (A, B and C) in a platform at nearly 12 meters...
Reported by Instituto Peruano de Energia Nuclear of Peru on 05 Mar 2014. Last update on 05 Mar 2014

France, 30 May 2013, INES: 2

Interventional Radiology - Exceeding of the maximum regulatory annual effective dose

On 30th May 2013, ASN was informed that the passive dosimeter results for a radiation therapy technician in Saint-Eloi hospital of the Montpellier CHRU had integrated over the last quarter of 2012 an effective dose of 32 mSv. This result is higher than the regulation annual limit set at 20...
Reported by Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN) of France on 21 Jan 2014. Last update on 21 Jan 2014

Poland, 16 Jan 2014, INES: 1

One radioactive source containing Co-60 lost or stolen

In the beaverboard manufacturing plant (in town of Koniecpol, Śląskie region) which is currently under insolvency proceedings (bankruptcy) there has been discovered the loss of one radioactive source containing isotope Co-60. The current activity of lost source is approximately 0,5 GBq. The source...
Reported by National Atomic Energy Agency, Radiation Emergency Centre of Poland on 17 Jan 2014. Last update on 17 Jan 2014

Sri Lanka, 13 Dec 2013, INES: 1

Contaminated Transport Package-Used Machineries and spare parts

The Sri Lanka customs suspected the container number APHU 6385138 which contain used machineries and spare parts for radioactive contamination from Megaport detectors. Atomic Energy Authority has been carried out radiation survey at request of Sri Lanka customs.maximum radiation level recorded was...
Reported by Atomic Energy Authority of Sri Lanka on 08 Jan 2014. Last update on 08 Jan 2014

Sweden, 30 May 2013, INES: 1

EDG failed to start after unintentional loss of two phases on 400 kV incoming offsite supply

Unit 3 was in refueling state with reactor vessel head removed and spent fuel pool gates open to the reactor vessel. The 400 kV unit breakers received an unintentional order to open, but only two out of three phases opened causing low-voltage in the station but still over 65%.No EDG got start...
Reported by Swedish Radiation Safety Authority of Sweden on 20 Dec 2013. Last update on 20 Dec 2013

United States of America, 10 Dec 2013, INES: 1

Overexposure to Member of the Public

The Texas Department of State Health Services was informed of an incident involving industrial radiography of a pressure vessel. A site foreman was present in the work area with the radiographer. The radiographer approached the source collimator to change the film and realized the source was...
Reported by Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of United States of America on 14 Dec 2013. Last update on 04 Mar 2014

Hungary, 02 Dec 2013, INES: 2

Internal contamination of radiation workers during radioactive waste management

On 2nd December 2013 three radiation workers opened 4 metal drums filled with compacted radioactive wastes containing 241-Am. The purpose of opening the drums was the waste sorting and compaction of waste at higher pressure. During operation contamination occurred. The control measurements found...
Reported by Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority of Hungary on 13 Dec 2013. Last update on 13 Dec 2013

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