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Norway, 24 Oct 2016, INES: 1

Fuel fail and emission from research reactor

Fuel rods were unloaded October 17 2016, and placed in an open container in the handling compartment. The reactor was then in shutdown. On October 20th increased levels of noble gasses were detected in the filters from the handling compartment. The fuel in the handling compartment was inspected...
Reported by Norwegian Radiation Protection Authority of Norway on 02 Mar 2017. Last update on 02 Mar 2017

United Kingdom, 08 Jan 2017, INES: 2

Personal Contamination at Reprocessing Plant

Sampling of radioactive material was taking place on a reprocessing facility. This sampling task is performed twice daily and experienced senior staff are used to perform the operation. On this occasion a Shift Team Leader was engaged to undertake the task. Upon leaving the building and using the...
Reported by Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) of United Kingdom on 01 Mar 2017. Last update on 01 Mar 2017

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