Exposure of a worker in excess of the statutory dose limit

Print View Posted on: 16 December 2022

Event Date: 31 October 2022 Event Type: Radiation Source
Event Location: France, Aperam Stainless Steel France INES Rating: 2 (Provisional)

A worker was carrying out maintenance work close to an X-ray generator used to measure the thickness of steel sheets. The X-ray generator was operating while the maintenance work was in progress, whereas it should have been switched off in order to avoid all risk of accidental exposure of the maintenance personnel. The worker was exposed for about twenty minutes, with part of his body being directly within the radiation beam for about five minutes.
The dosimetric reconstruction carried out following the incident, as part of the medical care given to the worker, concluded that a whole body effective dose of about 0.2 millisieverts (mSv) had been received, as well as an equivalent dose to the skin of about 2 Sieverts (Sv) on a highly localised surface area, corresponding to that directly exposed to the beam.
The exposure received by this worker led to no immediate health effect, cutaneous in particular (burn, necrosis, etc.); however, given the highly localised but significant exposure of a part of the body, the need for specific medical follow-up will be examined.

INES Rating: 2 - Incident (Provisional) as per 08 November 2022
Release beyond authorized limits? No
Overexposure of a member of the public? No
Overexposure of a worker? Yes

Contamination spread within the facility? No
Damage to radiological barriers (incl. fuel damage) within the facility? No

Degradation of Defence In-Depth No

Person injured physically or casualty? No
Is there a continuing problem? No

Julien Husse
Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN)

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