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Belgium, 05 May 2022, INES: 2

Exposure of industrial radiographer

During the quality control of the welds of a newly installed piping, the radiographer performing the operations was exposed to the radiation of a 737 GBq Se-75 source during a short period of time (approximately between 60 and 90 seconds). During the removal of the collimator, the radiographer did...
Reported by Federal Agency for Nuclear Control (FANC) of Belgium on 18 May 2022. Last update on 18 May 2022

Hungary, 21 Apr 2022, INES: 1

Rod type source of a level gauge became open

In Nitrogénművek Co. Ltd. (Pétfürdő, Hungary) urea production plant operators realized abnormal parameters during production. Following the technological procedures LB 3223-1 Compack fixed level gauge (produced by Berthold) found to be failed. During the inspection of fixed level gauge, stainless...
Reported by Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority of Hungary on 09 May 2022. Last update on 09 May 2022

Japan, 29 May 2021, INES: 3

Worker exposure to X-ray generator

On May 29, 2021 the fluorescent X-ray adhesion meter (output 50kV x 40mA) was inspected and calibrated at the Nippon Steel Setouchi Works in Himeji City, Hyogo Prefecture. There are three main operations for irradiating X-rays with this device. ・ Power supply to this device ・ Increase the...
Reported by Nuclear Regulatory Authority of Japan on 09 May 2022. Last update on 09 May 2022

Germany, 08 Dec 2021, INES: 2

Equivalent dose for extremities (hand) exceeding statuary annual limits

During a medical injection of a diagnostic radiopharmaceutical (Tc-99m, 375 MBq) to a patient, the medical worker carrying out the injection received a hand skin exposure. While adjusting the cannula a plug at the cannula was opened by mistake and radioactive substance was spilled out. The hand of...
Reported by Gesellschaft für Anlagen und Reaktorsicherheit (GRS) mbH of Germany on 17 Mar 2022. Last update on 17 Mar 2022

Sweden, 23 Nov 2021, INES: 2

Exposure of workers in excess of statutory annual dose limits

On November 23, 2021 two workers were carrying out a pipe inspection using a portable X-ray generator. While trying to start up the X-ray generator after adjusting some parameters, the workers realized that the device was already on. The workers could not remember exactly when the X-ray generator...
Reported by Swedish Radiation Safety Authority of Sweden on 18 Jan 2022. Last update on 18 Jan 2022

Hungary, 10 Jan 2022, INES: 2

Higher dose rate in an operating area due to inappropriate positioning of a Co-60 source

On 10th of January 2022, six pieces of Co-60 sealed radioactive sources, with 74 TBq activity each, were moved from a UKITB-250-6 type transport container at a working place of the Institute of Isotopes Ltd. During the procedure one sealed source was misplaced within the container into a less...
Reported by Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority of Hungary on 14 Jan 2022. Last update on 14 Jan 2022

United States of America, 22 Oct 2019, INES: 2

Overexposure to worker due to iridium-192 contamination event

On October 22, 2019, a worker was manually drilling a container with 39.96 GBq (1080 mCi) of iridium-192 in ceramic tracer beads. The worker was not wearing eye or face shields. An accident occurred and material from the drilling struck the worker's face and eyes. Immediately after, the worker...
Reported by Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of United States of America on 22 Dec 2021. Last update on 22 Dec 2021

United Kingdom, 22 Jul 2021, INES: 2

Automatic trip of both reactors following loss of off-site electric supplies

On the 22 July 2021 at 14:57, following failure of a National Grid transformer located offsite, Heysham 1 experienced a complete loss of 400kV power supplies. Both reactors were operating at nominal full power prior to the incident, and both tripped automatically. The back-up power supply...
Reported by Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) of United Kingdom on 01 Dec 2021. Last update on 10 Jan 2022

Spain, 20 Jul 2021, INES: 2

Overexposure of two workers

The dosimetry service of an industrial radiography facility identified that the TLD of two workers at this facility had exceeded the annual dose limit. The irradiation source was an Ir-192 gammagraph, in which the source got stuck during irradiation work. The first worker had received a dose of...
Reported by Consejo de Seguridad Nuclear (CSN) of Spain on 26 Nov 2021. Last update on 26 Nov 2021

United States of America, 06 Oct 2021, INES: 2

Worker Exceeded Annual Whole Body Dose Limit

A radiographer received approximately 0.093 Sv (9.3 rem) when a radiography source was unable to be retracted into an industrial radiography device. The radiographer handled the guide tube and collimator with the 3.367 TBq (91 Ci) Ir-192 source in an unshielded position. Dose reconstruction and...
Reported by Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of United States of America on 21 Oct 2021. Last update on 21 Oct 2021

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