Worker Overexposure

Print View Posted on: 29 March 2018

Event Date: 14 March 2018 Event Type: Radiation Source
Event Location: United States of America, Benicia, California / Qualspec, LLC INES Rating: 2 (Final)

A radiographer trainer received a whole body dose of 58 mSv (5.8 rem) on 3/14/2018. The radiographer assistant received a whole body dose of 46 mSv (4.6 rem). The licensee believes that the radiographers may have received the doses as a result of not fully retracting the 3.3 TBq (88.9 Ci) Ir-192 source back inside the camera after performing a radiography exposure. The licensee also believes that a confirmatory survey was not performed after the exposure, and also that the two radiography personnel did not properly utilize their self-reading dosimeters inasmuch as the high doses were not recognized until their dosimetry of record was routinely processed 3/22/18. The dose received by the radiographer trainer exceeds the U.S. statutory limit for whole body dose of 50 mSv (5 rem). Both radiographers were removed from radiography operations, and are no longer employed by the licensee. As a result of this event, the licensee will strengthen their radiography personnel training and audits, including increasing the frequency of their audits. NRC EN53283

INES Rating: 2 - Incident (Final) as per 29 March 2018
Release beyond authorized limits? No
Overexposure of a member of the public? No
Overexposure of a worker? Yes

Contamination spread within the facility? No
Damage to radiological barriers (incl. fuel damage) within the facility? No

Degradation of Defence In-Depth No

Person injured physically or casualty? No
Is there a continuing problem? No

Patricia Milligan
U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission
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