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France, 24 Apr 2019, INES: 2

Overexposure of a worker

The worker concerned carries out climatic control and energy maintenance services on the sites of customers of Eiffage Energie Systeme. Some of these sites perform nuclear activities that can expose the workers (internal or external) to ionising radiation. As a prevention measure, this worker was...
Reported by Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN) of France on 27 May 2019. Last update on 04 Dec 2019

Iran, Islamic Republic of, 18 Dec 2018, INES: 3

Overexposure of two workers

On 2nd of January 2019, National Radiation Protection Department (NRPD) was received a report regarding the overexposure of two workers on 18th of December 2018. According to the report of the licensee that is a private company, after the performance of industrial radiography in KHORASANE RAZAVI...
Reported by Iran Nuclear Regulatory Authority (INRA) of Iran, Islamic Republic of on 13 May 2019. Last update on 13 May 2019

United States of America, 11 Apr 2019, INES: 2

Overexposure to Radiographer

A radiographer working in the permanent shooting room at one of the licensee’s facilities, cranked out a 2.48 TBq (67 Ci) Ir-192 source for an exposure and did not crank the source back into the exposure device before setting up for the next exposure. Upon badge processing, it was determined that...
Reported by Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of United States of America on 19 Apr 2019. Last update on 19 Apr 2019

Germany, 11 Jan 2019, INES: 1

Co60 source discovered in a scrap metal delivery

A Co60 source was found in a container on the site of a metal recycling company near the Port of Hamburg. It was part of a scrap metal delivery originating from Western Africa. The source was finally identified as a metal cylinder of approx. 1 cm radius and 10 cm length packed in a cloth bag. The...
Reported by Gesellschaft für Anlagen und Reaktorsicherheit of Germany on 22 Mar 2019. Last update on 22 Mar 2019

Netherlands, 07 Mar 2019, INES: 2

Dangerous Co60 sources discovered in scrap metal containers

On 13 November 2018, 28 January 2019 and 7 March 2019 potentially dangerous Co-60 sources were found in scrap metal containers. In all cases, the sources were discovered as a result of the triggering of alarms of radiation detection portal monitors. In the three shipments, identical sources...
Reported by Authority for Nuclear Safety and Radiation Protection of Netherlands on 21 Mar 2019. Last update on 21 Mar 2019

Mexico, 12 Feb 2019, INES: 2

Potential uncontrolled access to room with radiation greater than 1000 mR / hr

Event Description On February 12, 2019, while preparations for leak testing were made to valve 1-FPCC-MV-7948 by predictive maintenance personnel, they reported to the technician of the reactor control point that the shield that serves as a barrier to controlling the area with high radiation>...
Reported by Comision Nacional de Seguridad Nuclear y Salvaguardias of Mexico on 19 Mar 2019. Last update on 19 Mar 2019

Pakistan, 14 Jan 2019, INES: 1

Lost and Subsequent Recovery of a Radioactive Source

On January 14, 2019, an industrial radiographer associated with Wajedo International Corporation (Private) Limited started his journey from Sadiqabad to Daharki site to perform radiography job while carrying Gamma projector (YG-192S) with radioactive source of Ir-192 (10Ci) placed in the back...
Reported by Pakistan Nuclear Regulatory Authority (PNRA) of Pakistan on 08 Mar 2019. Last update on 08 Mar 2019

France, 31 Jan 2019, INES: 2

Overexposure of a worker (nuclear medicine department of a hospital, hands exposure)

A worker in the nuclear medicine department of the Angers Hospital has received a dose of 723 mSv to the hands during the month of November 2018. Due to late transmission of dosimeters, it was known only in January 2019. Investigation at the hospital could not identify the causes for the...
Reported by Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN) of France on 04 Mar 2019. Last update on 04 Mar 2019

Hungary, 21 Jan 2019, INES: 1

Drop of a source into a logging well

On the 21st of January 2019 a well-logging geophysical probe containing 239 GBq activity 241-Am-Be sealed source was dropped to the bottom of a1800 m deep well near Pecs city, Hungary. The cause of the event was the break of the probe head due to material failure. The measurements of the drilling...
Reported by Hungarian Atomic Energy Authority of Hungary on 08 Feb 2019. Last update on 19 Feb 2019

India, 16 Jan 2019, INES: 1

Loss and subsequent recovery of a radioactive source

On January 14, 2019, a shielded container (Type-A package) having Cs-137 source of 80 GBq (meant for well logging purpose) was transported in a vehicle from the drilling site (Malleshwaram, Andhra Pradesh) to logging base of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation Limited (ONGC), Rajahmundry in Andhra...
Reported by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India on 31 Jan 2019. Last update on 31 Jan 2019

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