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United States of America, 30 Jun 2020, INES: 2

Overexposure to Worker

The State of Texas reported that as a result of the failure of a fixed gauge on June 30, 2020, a worker likely received a dose exceeding 250 mSv (25 rem). The rotary element and the source tube came partially out of the gauge and while employees tried to put them back in, the source and the cover...
Reported by Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) of United States of America on 16 Jul 2020 Last update on 22 Sep 2020

France, 11 Feb 2020, INES: 2

Internal contamination of a worker in a fuel pellets fabrication workshop

The event occurred in the pelleting workshop, where mixtures of plutonium and uranium oxide powders are compacted into cylindrical pellets. These operations are carried out in glove boxes. While cleaning a glove box containing a compacting press, one of the gloves was punctured, causing atmospheric...
Reported by Autorité de Sûreté Nucléaire (ASN) of France on 04 Jul 2020 Last update on 04 Jul 2020

United Kingdom, 31 Dec 2019, INES: 2

Lens of the eye overexposure to interventionalist radiologist

During interventional radiography procedures for medical purposes, one operator received a cumulative dose to the lens of the eye, over one year, in excess of a statutory dose limit. The increasing dose to the lens of the eye was not observed in the monthly dosimetry reports until the end of 2019....
Reported by Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) of United Kingdom on 26 Jun 2020 Last update on 26 Jun 2020

Korea, Republic of, 10 May 2019, INES: 2

Auxiliary feedwater system actuation and manual reactor trip due to careless withdrawal of control rods at Hanbit Unit 1

On May 10 2019, 10:31, during low power physics test to measure the control rods worth, reactor power rapidly increased up to 18.06%. Due to the heat transfer from the reactor coolant system, the level of SGs (steam generators) increased beyond the H-H level set-point and thus it caused generation...
Reported by Nuclear Safety and Security Commission (NSSC) of Korea, Republic of on 18 Jun 2020 Last update on 18 Jun 2020

Germany, 29 Nov 2019, INES: 2

Overexposure of two workers during radiography

Overexposure of two workers during radiography Two employees of a company for non-destructive material testing were exposed to 30 and 100 mSv respectively. On 29th November 2019, the employees tested materials with a Ir-192 source in the bunker of the company. The employees have to wear...
Reported by Gesellschaft für Anlagen und Reaktorsicherheit of Germany on 22 Feb 2020 Last update on 22 Feb 2020

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